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travel trivia 4.11.11

Beijing, Capital of the most populous country in the world is located in the northern part of china. Famous for sight-seeing, sumptuous delicacies, recreation and shopping, of late Beijing became one of the major hot spots for enthusiastic tourists across the globe.

Cheap Planes throughout the year are available to visit Beijing. For a good day’s experience, one needs to be well-versed with the local language and also a brief knowhow about Beijing. A small trip to the Chinese capital is a must, for it is a loving, enjoyable and an entirely new experience.

Capital of People’s Republican of China, Beijing is considered to be one of the most populous cities of the world. It is China’s economic, cultural and political hub for all intents and purposes. Located in the Northern China, Beijing owns 2 counties and 14 districts. The vivacious city is tagged for its own collection of stone walls, museums, temples, universities and massive palaces. Let us have a brief idea as to what all it takes to visit Beijing and the reasons behind the city’s growing popularity.

Famous for sight-seeing, sumptuous delicacies, recreation and shopping, of late Beijing became one of the major hot spots for enthusiastic tourists across the globe. Each year, Beijing plays hosts to over thousands of tourists who visit the place for its extraordinary culture, dynamics and a lot of must-see locations.

If at all we see and compare, Beijing is among the mostly frequented cities in the entire Asia. Just for the record, an estimated over 4 million globe-trekkers Book Flights to Beijingin order to visit the place and get themselves more enlightened about the city’s rich tradition and unique culture.

Once landed on the Chinese soil, visitors should make their first stop at the Forbidden City. Located in the heart of the city, the Forbidden City was the Chinese imperial palace from the Ming Dynasty era. It is a palace widespread across 250 acres, holding more than 9000 rooms. With the help of Cheap Flights, visitors can lower their overhead costs of travelling to the city.

The Tiananmen Square is another must-see landmark that has a capacity to accommodate more than a million people at a time. Besides, it is also the place where Mao Tse Tung had declared the foundation of the People’s Republic.

Another thing for which the city is well-renowned for is shopping. Apart from the departmental stores, shopaholics can find many mega malls, superstores and hypermarkets across the city. Shopping here is incomplete without buying tons of clothes, Chinese Lanterns, shoes, toys, carpets and a whole lot of candied fruits. All you need to be well-prepared with is the bargaining tactics for a handful of cheap stuffs.

Beijing is known for its sophisticated arrangement of all modes of transport including railways, roadways and airways. There are many Cheap Domestic Flightsavailable on a regular basis for the ones who need a simpler, quicker and convenient mode of transport. Expressways, national highways, railway lines, city expressways and an international airport make up the city’s transport system. The metered cab is found doing rounds everywhere and is an easy way to travel.

It does not even matter where on the earth you are located, in order to have a short day trip to the Chinese capital, you can always check out the various cheap flights to Beijing and take one. A day experience at Beijing is an eye-opener for core travelers who have not yet made to the city.

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