Anniversary Travel Ideas


If you are looking to celebrate a special wedding anniversary, birthday or any other date of special significance to you and a partner, consider doing something a little different. Chocolates, flowers, a meal in town and champagne are all well and good, but with the increase of low cost airlines, cheap accommodation and incredibly reliable car rental for a great price, consider a short break in Spain this year to celebrate your special occasion.

Where to go for good deals?

In Barcelona car hire is very cheap at the moment because of the huge amount of car hire companies and rental agencies that operate there. Experience the magic and beauty of this city for a weekend or a few days and see what all the fuss is about for relatively cheap. As an example, last year my husband and I celebrated our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary in the Catalonian capital for three days. We flew in on a cheap flight we found online, picked up our rental car at the airport and spent three wonderful days exploring every haunt of the city. Barcelona truly has to be seen to be believed. The sheer number of brilliant art galleries, museums, architectural wonders and, not forgetting, great restaurants is what the city is famous for.

How to make the most of your time?

The cheap car hire Spain is famous for was the key to a successful weekend for us. We searched online for deals and found that we could see a lot of the city, and some outlaying towns, for less than a hundred Euros. Paying for trains, busses and taxis soon adds up and becomes a hindrance to a fun weekend of exploring a place. I would highly recommend renting a car and getting out and about in the city. The weather, its proximity to the beach and the array of things to do and see truly make Barcelona stand out as a city for me. You should try to fit in visits to the Sagrada Familia, la Rambla, some of the great restaurants and bars in the old part of the city or simply relax with your loved one in the sunshine in the park. There are of course many other places to try out on a city break, but number one on your list must definitely be Barcelona if you are looking for anniversary travel ideas!

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