Baltimore the United States sea gates


Shat Tower in Baltimore

Baltimore is a city in the United States, the largest city in Maryland. his is the second largest port of the continental part of the United States, where the main part of their merchant ships anchores since the late 18 century. Baltimore is the city, were the first tram in the United States ran, the first iron steamer was built and the first monument to George Washington was put. During the Anglo-American war here, at the McHenry Fort momentous historical events deployed that became the basis for creating the national anthem of the United States. Baltimore history is inscribed in the annals of the United States with a bold font. It also left a significant mark on the territory of the city itself. Its luxurious Park Fort McHenry today is turned into a national park-museum where the exhibits, which survived since the great battles, are carefully stored. In the downtown there rises an excellent monument, established in honor of soldiers killed during the war 1812-1814. A visiting card of Baltimore in the United States is its inner harbor, entitled “Harbor”. There are old vessels at its western shore, which represent a city museum with a rich collection of submarines, old ships, Coast Guard boats and a floating lightship. There is a railway museum in Baltimore, exhibits of which are various models of wagons and locomotives of all times, station and desk clocks, saloons and luxury dining cars. There is the National Aquarium of the United States in the Baltimore embankment. This is one of the best aquariums in the United States, which is home for more than a thousand species of marine fauna and for rare species of giant sharks. In this city, at the Westminister cemetery the great writer Edgar Allan Poe is buried, who died here at the age of forty years. The main Catholic church of the city is the Basilica of St. Mary, built in the early 19 century. There is a very interesting Methodist Church in Baltimore, built of marble and sandstone in the style of Victorian Gothic. An architectural relic of the city is the Shat Tower, erected in 1828. On those days shot was produced in the tower. There is a piece of old England in the city in the United States, the area of which occupies seven acres. There stretches a magnificent park in this “piece”, where zaleas, tulips, old oaks and dogwoods are planted. Also centuries-old stone houses survived in old England, so typical for this country. Baltimore in the United States is a wonderful, very friendly city with an interesting history and a distinctive timeless tradition.

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