Best Boston Restaurants for Music

Best Boston Restaurants for Music


We all have those nights when we just want to get our groove on. In fact, sometimes it is just a pure need.  Everyone appreciates good music so I want to give you a guide for the Best Boston Restaurants for Music.

I like to break down my musical taste by days in the week. Now I have an eclectic taste in music and I can listen to many different genres, but even I don’t want to listen to dubstep on a Monday night. So here is the way I break it down. Sunday through Wednesday is what I like to call “light days.” This means anything from country to jazz or maybe lyrical and singer songwriter style. I can’t have anything that gets me too amped up because it’s only the beginning of the week. Now on my way to work I may listen to some top 40s radio jams to wake me up but that is the extent of it. Lucky for me Boston is able to feed my music cravings all throughout the week. In fact some of the Best Boston Restaurants for Music sport the most beautiful jazz music you will ever hear. Head into the North End to enjoy those little basement jazz clubs that have survived the decades. Even if you aren’t a huge fan of jazz I can promise you that you will be inspired by the amount of skill these musicians have. It is also a huge experience to go to one of these venues for a couple drinks and appetizers with friends. I suggest that anyone who lives in Boston tries to branch out and visit your nearest Best Boston Restaurants like this at least once. Even if you don’t like it at least you will get a good story out of it.

The beginning of the week may start off slow but by Thursday night I am ready to hit the town. Once again I am so thankful to live in Boston with so many options. Thursday nights I like to act a little bit more sophisticated; maybe go to a dive to see some local bands play live. Most of the time I just end up talking to my friends the whole time but you never know when you might hear something you actually like. Friday and Saturday are when I really cut loose. I don’t dance: one because I embarrass myself and two because I want to shield the world from my terrible “moves.” However, even I like going to a good club with a nice bar. If the dance floor is packed enough I might even head out there for a little while. But nonetheless I like to bob my head to the pop remixes and club songs. I know they are not the most musically or lyrically inspirational but they sound good and by the end of the week I do not want to have to interpret song lyrics I just want to have a good time.

Boston has some great music scenes, whatever your tastes may be. You never know, the Best Boston Restaurants for Music could be right around the corner from you.

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