Best Mexican Seafood Restaurants In Chicago

the-21-best-mexican-restaurants-in-americaI found Salpicon is the One of the finest Cafe for Mexican variety Foods in Chicago. If you’re looking for good Mexican meals I would say Salpicon will be right choice to step in, because it’s the Best Mexican Restaurants in Chicago.

Salpicon was highly recommended by our concierge at the Sheraton. I love Mexican food, this place is completely beautiful! The decor is brightly colored a high end casual ambiance and really friendly welcome by the hostess.

The Jalapeos Rellenos de Queso Capeados appetizer is astounding and so is the Black Angus tenderloin with softened Chihuahua cheese. Everything was nicely presented and delicious.

Salpicon has my vote of making me one of the best Margaritas my mouth has ever tried. Yum!! Their tequila list is very impressive. Wines by the glass or by the bottle are always a choice and priced reasonably.

Their version is Tres Leches dessert is a little different than our version in Miami; it is sat in a bed of raspberry and mango sauces…delish.

Strongly recommend stopping in here for a memorable eats when visiting the breezy city.

This place is absolutely a glorious upscale authentic Mexican food, too bad it’s not found in Miami…gives me a reason for another vacation in Chicago. Woo-hoo!

What a great restaurant . My spouse and I have been two times in the year. The eaterie is bright and colorful. Definitely would recommend booking. The first floor is currently being remodeled but the second floor is just as nice. The wait staff here is extremely knowledgeable about the food and tequila menu. The drinks are keenly priced and the additional couple USD for a premium margarita is definitely worth it. The Tiger shrip with liquefied Chihuahua Cheese is an absolute must for an appetizer and the duck in a raspberry vinaigrette is best entree I have attempted there.

Would suggest this restaurant for all occasions. We went as part of a party of 10 once and last time was a party of 3. Service was the same either way. Good food for a fair price!

Good place. One of the largest wine lists I’ve ever seen. Great service and I adore the second floor. Priced a little high or it might be 5 stars. Ensure you get a margarita. You can taste the difference between fresh made matched against sugar based.


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