Best Restaurants in Abuja

Transcorp_Hilton_Abuja_Fulani_Pool_Bar1-460x250The ravishing Capital of Nigeria, Abuja is one of the world’s few purpose built cities having a perfectly chalked out infrastructure , the right assortment of activities to make visiting or living in the city an exhilarating experience and an extended array of restaurants offering varying assortments of delectable cookeries. Abuja, being home to mostly the Bureaucrats of Nigeria, is notorious for a relatively slower and clam life style.

This however, certainly doesn’t mean the city is dull or boring. In fact Abuja is considered as nature’s scenic gift to Nigeria. And one thing might be said with considerable certainty that those who are already planning to book cheap flights to Abuja for visiting the city, are likely to have a pleasurable experience.

When it comes to dinning in Abuja the city gives you an unbeatable range of options to choose from. There is something on the offer for everyone. From local African to Chinese, from Indian to Italian Abuja’s restaurants have all varieties of dishes. Generally speaking, however, wine & dine in Abuja can be bit expensive and at times bitterly overvalued. Let us share with you some of the best places to eat out in Abuja that can come in handy when you’re purchasing cheap tickets to Nigeria and its ravishing capital.

Two 4 Seasons Restaurant and Bar, at Area 11:

Finding the right combinations of delicious food yet reasonable prices is a tedious task when you wish to dine out in Abuja and this is one place that outcasts both these areas. A well planned delicious buffet of the most mouth watering dishes served by the amiable staff over the counter. You select from a range of scrumptious eateries that tempt through the counter and your plate would be served by the counter chef for as many times as you may want. However, the place has a very modest interior with simple décor and light painted walls. Not the perfect place for a romantic dinner in fact but a superb venue for eating out with friends to satisfy a cramping hunger. The Prices on the menu range from medium to high so just to be on the safe side, keep a luscious pocket!

Delizio Fast food- Silverbird entertainment Centre:

Located inside Silverbird, the famous mall of Abuja, Delizio is not only a fast food place but also offers ‘real’ meals. If one phrase that can explain the food served here is “absolute finger licking good”. The serve the best beef burgers in the entire city, in a perfect New York style. And their fires could have probably given a competition to McDonalds had the restaurant been a know franchise. Moderately salted and crisped to perfection, Delizio’s fries are an absolute must try. The same exotic taste is found in their restaurant meals. With just the right combination of spices and perfection of African style of cooking, Delizio will win your heart through your tummy!

La Dolce Vita:

If you’re craving a good Pizza, as in a real Pizza, La Dolce Vita is the place to be. From its enchanting atmosphere to the after taste of its delectable Pizzas and other assortments, you would simply love everything about this place. It’s a big place with a separate dining area and a separate lounge for visitors to sip back a glass of wine and enjoy a light atmosphere. The restaurant also has an outdoor area for dining and sitting. So when the weather seems inviting, book one of the tables at the outside and enjoy a nice breeze.

As the name suggests, the restaurant has an Italian origin and seems to have a great passion for photography as their art deco displays some astounding works of Sketching and photography. Do also try out their rich drinks menu consisting of succulent cocktails and margaritas. Other places that also offer an exquisite dining experience include “Da Maria”, Roof top café, chicken Republic, Calabar Kitchen and the like.

Anam writes to love on holiday destinations like; Abuja the city is considered as nature’s scenic gift to Nigeria. So book your cheap flights to Nigeria now.

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