Hotels in Cardiff: Top 7 Best Tourist Spots in Cardiff

Wales is the side of United Kingdom where the scenery is almost magical. In the heart of it, lies the city that witnessed a lot of interesting history. Cardiff is the capital of Wales and the largest among all its cities. The history behind it started during the 55AD, when the Romans were invading this region in UK.

The leader of this invasion was Aulus Didilus, which where the name Cardiff was derived from. Being proclaimed a city and the capital of Wales during the 1905 and 1955 respectively, Cardiff is one of the tourist destinations because of its beauty. The place exudes of natural beauty and interesting nightlife. Each of the hotels in Cardiff offers one of a kind experience to its guest hence your vacation will truly be remarkable.

The Top Seven Tourist Destination in Cardiff

Cardiff Castle

This is the castle located in the middle of Cardiff. This is the place where you can see artifacts and join educational tours that will tell about the history Cardiff experienced during the Roman invasion. Each member of the family will surely find a delectable activity of their choice once inside the Cardiff Castle.

The Millennium Stadium

This place is well suited for those people who love sports. Rugby and football is the common sports, which you may encounter on this side of the city. It is in fact the home of the country’s rugby teams.

The Wales Millennium Centre

This is the perfect place for those types of person who loves to see performing arts. The types of performance you will commonly watch at the Wales Millennium Centre are shows such as The Phantom of the Opera, Dracula: The Music and Film, South Pacific, Chicago the Musical, Circus Circor, etc.

Cardiff Bay

This is the waterfront, which is the largest in the whole of Europe. It is developed and renovated to accommodate all types of tourists as well as the locals. The pubs near the area consist of Pearl of the Orient, Café Rouge, Demiros, Cosmo, Spice Route, Oriental Garden and a lot more.

St. Fagan’s National History Museum

Another’s destination that is very famous to tourists is the St. Fagan’s National Museum. This is the place that caters for the people who are thirsty of interesting information about the buildings all over Wales. There are now 40 recreated buildings on the said famous open-air museum.

Royal Arcade

This is the best place to be at after a well-suited rest on one of the hotels in Cardiff. It is due to the fact that you will need enough rest for a whole day of shopping. The Royal Arcade is just one of the many Victorian style shopping centre in Cardiff. Most of the shops are found on the Queen Street, St. Mary’s and Hayes.

The Prince of Wales

For those who have a tight budget but still want to experience top-notch cuisine, The Prince of Wales is where you can stop by. This is the place where they serve their guests affordable scrumptious dishes the whole day.

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