Hotels in Different Areas of Singapore

Singapore is an island city-state, made up of many districts with particular characteristics. With the various areas within the country’s boundaries, it is only natural that there will be some major areas where a lot of hotels can be found, to cater to the millions of tourists and visiting businessmen that flock to the country.

Orchard Road is one of the grandest and most famous shopping districts in all of Asia-and perhaps the world. That’s why the hotels in this area prominently feature 5-star properties with international credentials, such as the Hilton, Marriott, and Le Meridien hotels. There are also hotels that cater more to luxury in the local context, such as the Orchard Hotel and Royal Plaza. Most importantly, shoppers seeking the thrills and finds of the Orchard district are assured of having a lot of great options for places to stay in.

Singapore’s Heritage district is nestled between the country’s financial district and Orchard Road. The proximity to such key areas make the district a hotbed for all types of hotels, from the 3-star hotels that emphasize high value for money to towering 5-star hotels with the luxury and international status to match.

After the Orchard and the Heritage district, one finds the Financial district, which houses Suntec City as well as the Singapore Convention Center. The Marina Mandarin and Pan Pacific are just a couple of example of the international 5-star properties one can find in this area.

Singapore’s very own Chinatown is a dazzling mix of the modern and the traditional. There’s no need to have any qualms in this area, as it is one of the most popular communities in all of Singapore and, as such, it has lodging for people on all sorts of budget ranges. From relatively cheaper boutique hotels to the grander 5-star establishments, the hotels in Chinatown are sure to cover all the bases.

Little India is a colorful community found to the north of Singapore’s Heritage district. Serangoon Road houses hotels and various other establishments that put a high priority on value. Along with budget hotels and cheaper guest houses, this district is a popular choice for traveling businessmen who seek excellent value to keep their budget intact.

One of Singapore’s recently-transformed districts is the River district, which is found near the Singapore River. The area houses chic shops and boutiques as well as several new venues for entertainment purposes. Accordingly, there are a lot of hotels that emphasize value for money despite being of 4- or 5-star rank.

Meanwhile, transit hotels permeate the East Singapore area near the airport. This is ideal for travelers who need overnight stays or who simply need to rest for a few hours before heading out to their desired destinations. These are affordable accommodations that are also quite convenient.

Those are just a few of Singapore’s many districts, along with some of the prominent types of hotels that one may find within them. If you ever find yourself going to one of the districts discussed above, then you’ll have an idea of what to expect in terms of accommodations.

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