Houston Top 5 Nightclub Danger Zone Areas


If you’re going out on a Friday or Saturday night and are planning on hitting any of the bars or dance clubs, you will likely get into some kind of Houston nightclub discussion with your friends before you leave. I know I go through it every weekend with my buddies before we decide to go. Once we get there, there are a few things that you may want to keep in mind and some spots in the club that you may want to avoid. Yes, I am talking about danger zone areas in nightclubs.

I’m not talking about construction areas that may be taped off from you. If you see that in a club, you might want to leave anyway. I am talking about places within the club itself that could be trouble for you. I have been able to identify five spots to avoid.

1.  Any of the corners of the bar – For some reason, whenever you are standing here, it’s like the Bermuda Triangle for the bartender. He or she just doesn’t see you no matter how hard you try to get their attention. This is unless, of course, you are an attractive woman, in which case you can pretty much stand anywhere you want and get service. Schleps like me, on the other hand, need a prime piece of bar real estate.

2.  Any table close to the speakers – This one should be fairly obvious to everyone. If you are stuck here, not only do you stand a good chance of never hearing anything properly again, but you are never going to get anyone to come over near you. Even if you did, they would never hear you. Stay away from here.

3.  Near any rest room door – There are a few hazards here. First, why would you want to be near here anyway? Nothing good is coming from being there. Second, you always stand a good chance of getting hit by a door, a drink spilled on you or thrown up on. Avoid it like the plague.

4.  Any stairs at all – Stairs in a bar or club are a recipe for disaster. Girls with high heels are bound to fall and break something, including you if you happen to be in the way. You know once you have had a couple of drinks you are likely to take a tumble down there anyway.

5.  The parking lot after hours – I know it sounds a little strange, but there are dangers here. It’s the end of the night, you’ve had your fun and drinks and are a little tired and maybe a little woozy. I can’t tell you how many swinging car doors I have been hit by, whether on purpose or not.

You’re probably not going to hear a lot about these spots in any Houston nightclub discussion. That’s why you should take my advice and try to watch out for these areas in the club. Watch those spots while you are out and you will see I am right and thank me for the advice later.

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