Looking for best restaurants in Leeds?!


As a consequence of the amount of contest between businesses within a city like Leeds you might attain it more challenging to determine an undesirable restaurant than an exceptional one. It is a small itself available handbook on a few of my favorite feast restaurants in Leeds.

Dos Amigos is located 5 Kilo meters northeast of Leeds’ city centre. Along with genuine Spanish cuisine, the restaurant offers Italian dishes, as well as homemade pizza and pasta. Pan-fried steak strips, pork meatballs roasted eggplant and deep-fried squid are extensive tapas menus at Dos Amigo. A regular list of natural specialties is also available, with homemade desserts plus liqueur coffees.

The Orchid Lounge is situated in the centre of Leeds’ shopping area. The fashionable restaurant offers genuine Spanish tapas and Mediterranean food, with cured Serrano ham specially brought in from Spain. With traditional tapas, the Orchid Lounge recommends more unusual cost, such as Moorish-style kebabs and razor clams, attended by a cocktail menu and variety of desserts.

Huck’s Rib Shack‎ is located a mile from the Bass Pro Shop in Leeds. Smoked baked beans, Huck’s Rib Shack cross beef and pork ribs, chicken and turkey are all deliberate roasted in a domestic clay brick-stove smoker. Specialty plates include the slow-smoked pork plate, slow-smoked chicken plate, smoked spare rib plate and their smoked pork or chicken sandwiches.

The Old Smokey Bar-B-Q‎ restaurant is located just 2 kilo meters from the Bass Pro Shop in Leeds. The restaurant in Leeds is open for both lunch and dinner, for catering and takeout. Old Smokey Bar-B-Q bar slowly smokes its beef ribs, pork and chicken above an open pit. This restaurant in Leeds also serves cheeseburgers and hamburgers.

Rusty’s Barbeque is located just two miles east of the Bass Pro Shop in Leeds. Menu specialties consist of slow-roasted chicken, pork and ribs, and Beth’s homemade peanut with butter pie. Rusty’s Barbeque also serves cheeseburgers, hamburgers and side dishes like homemade potato salad, french fries, coleslaw, onion rings and baked beans.

Flying Pizza is located in Street Lane of Leeds. This restaurant is famous for its huge collection of delicious pizzas. The thin crunchy bases of the pizzas are different from any other pizzas available in outside of Italy, and the wonderfully stringy and strangely tasty mozzarella is to die for.


The chefs do an exceptional steak and if it is your birthday imagine to be launched into standing location on your chair in Restaurant Leeds while the full room is encouraged to wish you with Italian style Restaurant in Leeds.

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