Most Oddest Restaurants in America

From time to time, delicious food can not make a good meal for customers. The overall environment and the setting function as the stimulations your taste. As a vivid example, Chinese food is better served in Chinese-themed restaurants or seafood gets the best taste in the view of water. Here are top bizarre restaurants in America which surely bring customers oddest experiences.


The Supper Club, San Francisco, California

The Supper Club, the 11,000-square-foot, is designed in such a way enlightening up all your five senses. The trendy place in San Francisco offers expensive dining in white beds and masseur. One more thing, the Supper Club is definitely not the place for kids.


The Supper Club is situated in Harrison Street, San Francisco, California.


Opaque, Los Angeles, California

Opaque is one in a series of restaurants which serves in pitch-black rooms. The alternative notion of eating food can stimulate the senses of touch, smell, hear and taste for a more authentic dining experience.


Casa Bonita, Denver, Colorado

Casa Bonita is well known for its unique architecture as an episode of South Park in Disneyland. The Mexican restaurant is situated in an area of 52,000-square-foot which also offers Mexican-related performances.


Tony Packo\’s, Toledo, Ohio

Tony Packo café is situated along the Maumee River, downtown Toledo Ohio opened in 1932. The café in Hungarian-American neighborhood is famous for its hot dogs and authentic Hungarian food.


Mars 2112, New York

Coming to the special restaurant, guests can enjoy both mysterious scenes and exotic cuisine. The spectacular fantastic 35,000-square-foot restaurant is designed as a whole new universe.


Heart Attack Grill, Chandler, Arizona

Coming to Chandler, guests are becoming “patients” while waitresses serve as “nurses” and the menu is described as “prescriptions”. The hospital-themed restaurant offers any customers over 350 pounds free meals.


The Safe House, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Safe House in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is definitely a place to go. The restaurant has been built since 1966 and was designed as spy-themed with maze-like architectures and numerous secret passages.


Al Johnson\’s Swedish Restaurant, Sister Bay, Wisconsin

Al Johnson\’s Swedish Restaurant is a single house with grass-covered roof and live goats. The Scandinavian-themed pancake house can be seen in Sister Bay. Interestingly, the waitresses don in traditional costumes.


Ninja New York, New York

Ninja New York is the re-creation of Japanese Ninja village in the 18th century. The meal is prepared by experienced Japanese chefs and served by Ninja staff.



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