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MANILA-HOTEL-03_rhoy-cobillaWhen producers stage huge performances in our country via world tours for chart-topping foreign artists, may they be the American balladeers, British rockers, or Asian pop bands; they only put their talents to stay only on the most expensive suites of the most luxurious 5-star hotels in Manila, Philippines.

Other famous productions, especially from the theatrical scene, are also staged within the large halls of these top class hotels. Celebrity & show business parties & get-togethers of people from the corporate world are also assembled in the lobbies of these popular embodiments of quality & elegance.

This year, many famous acts have been and will be staged on the grounds of Manila. This includes the performances of Grammy winners Justin Bieber & Maroon 5, and the theatrical show entitled Varekai of Hoopla, Inc. The performances of these acts greatly improve the image that this country projects to the world, and that this eventually helps in promoting sold out sales on each production.

This has been the trend in the country for several years already. Many world-wide events have been orchestrated & hosted under the roofs of well renowned Manila hotels. Functions for international organizations are catered well by these 5-star establishments. Albeit the still on-going underestimation of many foreign guests to quality Filipino service, this kind of impression is much more than often disproved by the over-all success of the events held on the premises of the city.

With this fact in motion, anyone can see that the city is purposely, but slowly, converting itself into a major entertainment hub of the country. With the sudden sprout of high-end casinos and top-rated hotels Manila tempts more guests to come and further enjoy & mingle their selves out into its busy streets & pubs! And in an effort to bring the level of the city into a higher notch, each Manila hotel keep on improving their facilities & amenities to ensure that they will provide only the best of the services to their clients.

Quality planning & careful consideration for a more comfortable suite, more engaging amenities, more enticing facilities, & more lustrous theme for each hotel in Manila spells the reputation & respect they get from their VIP clients.

And to further capture more of goal they seek, the quality of service rendered by these top hotels to the celebrities is also fairly given to regular guests, thus engraving to these regulars’ mind that they get the treats & pampers only those on the limelight can afford to have! Simply put, whatever Justin Bieber sleeps at, you can be able to sleep at, too; or whatever Bruno Mars may swim at in the future, you’ll swim out today as well.

The Bellevue Manila Hotel is the only full service Hotel in Manila. Offering five-star quality in service, food, amenities, function rooms and guest rooms. The Bellevue Manila Hotel is sure to answer all the needs of business and leisure travelers alike.

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