Restaurants in Rajpur Road Dehradun


For any tourist attraction, the restaurants are all lined up on a single street and in Dehradun all the restaurants are in Rajpur Road. You will find a variety of eateries along the road which includes road side eateries, multi cuisine restaurants and fast food chains. Whether you are a vegetarian or a hard core non vegetarian, this street in Dehradun will fulfill your gastronomical senses. However the one restaurant that stands out in the crowd of all restaurants in Dehradun is definitely TownTable. Filled with happy and experimenting chefs and always smiling waiters, the restaurant has such a good atmosphere that one cannot help but love the place. Apart from them, the restaurant is very tastefully decorated so much so that it is pleasing to the eyes and also does wonders to the appetite.

You can linger on in the restaurant for hours if you want without anyone asking you to leave. The terrace view is the most desired location in the restaurant where you get an awesome view of the mountains around Dehradun. The terrace is the first choice of newly weds or lovebirds for whom romanticism lies in unraveling the mysteries of the mountains with their partners. Be it a bright sunny afternoon or the quietness of the night, the terrace will always be new to you. The food in Dehradun can be best tasted at TownTable and it is not just a claim but a reality. It is one of the best multi cuisine restaurants in Dehradun where the chefs are always experimenting with delicacies. If someday you get a special dish of prawns another day it can be of fish. The variety is so much that even a regular guest in TownTable can have something new almost every time he or she visits the place.

As a hangout in Dehradun, TownTable is the best choice. The lounge area is so ideally decorated that a large group of friends can sip the coolest of the drinks or the hottest of the coffees in the comfortable couches. It is also the ideal place to hold private parties either for office or a birthday party, anniversary etc. For these private and exclusive party, around 50 people can comfortable accommodate in the lounge area. Moreover this area can be rearranged the way you want to. All kinds of equipments for the event are handled by the management of the restaurant.

Another attraction of the restaurant is the range of desserts it serves. Desserts in Dehradun should definitely be tried at TownTable. From tutty fruity to Super Sunday fudge ice creams to Tiramisu and apple strudels the list is large and exhaustive. So what are you waiting for? If you are at Rajpur Road, find the flashy neon tubes of TownTable and enter to the world of great food in Dehradun!

Reetasri Bhattacharjee is a travel and lifestyle writer who freelances for Towntable, a multi cuisine restaurant in Dehradun. Check out other articles at

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