San Francisco Travel Guide


San Francisco is in the United States and is a city that projects different cultures.  It is one of the liveliest cities and offers people with all sorts of lifestyles something they can call their own. The stunning sights of the city attract tourists from around the world.

An Overview of San Francisco
The numerous beaches, the historical tourist attractions, the beautiful weather as well as the haunted houses make San Francisco highly attractive as a tourist destination.  It is known as a place one has to visit at least once in a lifetime.


Tourist Places Of Attraction
1) Pier 39: The first place that comes to mind is the Pier 39, which hosts the Underwater World aquarium. You may not see as many sea lions in a single place, except here.
2) Ghirardelli Square: This company manufactures chocolate and has been famous for decades. Visitors are also allowed to savor the different chocolate and ice creams in the open plaza.
3) Lombard Street: This street has a 40-degree slope with 8 very sharp bends. It is an interesting place to visit.
3) The Cannery: This is the name given to a number of historic buildings that have a common courtyard in the center. This place with its ascending leveled walkways, balconies and bridges attracts tourists.
4) North Beach: Looking to get a taste of the local entertainment while you’re there? North Beach offers plenty, with its eateries, bakeries, cabarets and jazz clubs.
5) Exploratorium: A museum that offers 700 activities is definitely worth taking your kids over to. Of course, it is fun for adults too.

Things to do while in San Francisco:
1) You can visit the Alcatraz-Island by taking a guided tour. This includes a notorious prison and lots of wildlife.
2) Rent a bike to visit the Golden Gate Bridge, which is a red hanging bridge. With the Golden Gate ticket, you can also visit the Legion of Honor museum on the same day.
3) If you’re traveling with kids, hire a paddleboat and visit Snow Lake, where you can go to the botanical gardens and the conservatory too.
4) China Town is where hundreds of shops, antiques, museums depicting Chinese culture are available. The Chinese food here is the talk of the world.

Shopping and Sports
The Embarcadero Center 1-4 Shopping is visited mostly by business people, and this is the reason this can be the best place to shop for people who hate crowds. Filmore Street Shopping is best for beauty products and accessories.

Enjoy some sports by being a part of the Bay to Breakers footrace. Baseball games are offered at the AT&T Park. However, the best is the San Francisco Bay, where you get to enjoy a lot of activities such as boating, windsurfing and beach volley.

Looking for some wild fun in the nights? Nob Hill is where you should be heading. This is an upscale bar that gives a lot of excitement. Harry Denton’s Starlight Room in the Union Square is another place. Champagne flows freely combined with caviar at the Bubble Room; all this with live music. Need hotter stuff? Then head over to SoMa: plenty of hot clubs there.

Famous Festivals
If there is one festival you cannot miss, that is Waterfront festivals. Plenty of celebrations during the day and brilliant fireworks at night. For music fans, Weird Street Fairs is a great music performing platform.

San Francisco as a tourist destination is well know. You will see what the craze is all about, when you visit the place as a tourist.

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