South America

The diversity within South America is staggering, mountains, glaciers, deserts and waterfalls. It has them all. Over the course of six months I travelled down Chile, up Argentina, around Bolivia and through to Peru. What I saw and experienced along the way will live with me forever- Tom Robinson

As we arrived at a small village in Bolivia I spotted this group playing a game of football. The backdrop to their game was incredible and despite being at 5000m above sea-level, they were happily running about. I took a few photos before being offered to join in. After two minutes I was so out of breath.



I stayed with this boys family in the Bolivian Southern Altiplano and in the morning he urged me to come look at something. I didn’t understand what he was saying, but followed him round the side of his house where I saw the dead Condor lying on the floor. I’ve no idea how it died (hopefully of natural causes), but the extreme cold had kept the bird in very good condition.


Potosi is a mining town in Bolivia. While we were there the miners were protesting and setting off dynamite in the town square. They also have dynamite for sale in all the small convenience shops.


On the last night of our trek through The Andes I took this shot shortly after the sun had set. Peru.


This is the 4X4 we travelled the Bolivian Southern Altiplano in. While we were parked up I needed the loo, so walked away from the vehicle. When I turned round I realised it’d make a nice shot.


One of the pack horses we used during our trek. The Andes, Peru.


Hat makers. Chupaca, Peru.


Isla de la Sol, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia.


Isla de la Sol, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia.


I spotted this man listening to his personal radio, while watching the sun-set in Copacabana, Bolivia.


These men had a difficult time getting the statue through the gates of the church. Fiesta San Pedro, Plaza San Pedro, La Paz, Bolivia.


Lama fetuses for sale in at the Witches market in Sucre, Bolivia. Apparently they are buried under the foundations of new houses for Pachamama.


You can just see our red 4X4 in the image. We’d stopped for lunch and I couldn’t resist climbing a nearby crag. The view was spectacular. Reserva Nacional de Fauna Andina Eduardo Avaroa (the most beautiful place I’ve been to), Bolivia.


Moses, one of the Sherpa’s on our trek rests with his horse. The Andes, Peru.

Thoughtful horse. The Andes, Peru.


I can never resist climbing a hill to get a better view of a town and when I spotted this cross I knew it’d make a good photo. Tilcara, Argentina.


The lovely little town of El Bolson, Argentina.


Cemetery. Sucre, Bolivia.

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