Take Pleasure in the Best Restaurants in Dorset


If you want to spend some delightful and memorable time with your family after taking part in one of the Dorset events, you can enjoy a nice meal at one of the restaurants in Dorset. There are many beautiful places that you can take your family to such as majestic castles, interesting museums and relaxing parks. Dorset is not only rich in attractions and adventures but is naturally blessed with beautiful places. You must stay at the popular holiday cottages which will put you near the many attractions that you are sure to visit during your holidays. There are a couple of Dorset events you and your family can enjoy in Dorset.  After enjoying the Dorset events, you can enjoy a good lunch or dinner. The restaurants located near these holiday cottages are delightful places to dine in.  Here are some of the best dining places in Dorset.

Farmer Palmer’s Farm

You can take your family to Farmer Palmer’s Farm when you do not have any Dorset events to attend. When you want your family to experience unforgettable adventures in Dorset, they are sure to have one here at the farm where they can get up close to the farm animals and watch interesting animal shows.  They can also have a fun filled ay trying out the tractor rides, straw mountains and bouncing castles.  The food at the farmhouse will not only feed your kids but will also give them a different dining experience altogether. The farmhouse serves the mouse delicious kids meal that will leave your kids truly satisfied.


The Mahabharat restaurant is a famous Indian restaurant that is well known in the county to serve the most delicious authentic Indian food.  Dining on their gourmet dishes will satisfy even the most discriminating palates. The restaurant makes sure to use only the freshest ingredients as well as the best authentic Indian spices cooked with a passion that give their dishes the unique flavour that is uniquely authentic Indian. You can enjoy a good meal at this restaurant after attending one of the Dorset events.

Prezzo Restaurant

The Prezzo Restaurant is located near your holiday cottage so if you fall in love with their food, you can easily go back several times.  This Italian restaurant is popular for serving the best Italian food in the area.  Only the best ingredients are used such as its fresh daily catch seafood, healthy pastas and crisp vegetables that come from the best produce suppliers in the market. You must make sure to include this restaurant during your holidays so your family can appreciate the taste of genuine Italian food. It would be best to make advance reservations so you are sure to get a table during your visit.

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