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Restaurant-Tel-AvivTel Aviv has some of the best restaurants that offer the best cuisine. There are restaurants to suit every budget and you can find places where you can have a casual lunch or a gourmet meal. You have a wide range of options. There are good Italian restaurants if you are a lover of Italian food and these restaurants are worth visiting.

The restaurant that tops the list is Toto and the Chef Yaron Shalev produces some amazing gastronomical delights. Their superb dishes include meats, pastas, and the likes and are all served with a professional touch. Although the prices may seem a bit high when compared to the other Italian restaurants it is worth the money you spend as the quality is unmatched.

Bellini is another place that offers authentic Italian food and a wonderful atmosphere. You will find a unique combination of the best food and atmosphere and you will feel like you have landed in part of Tuscany.

The third prominent place is the Papa’s Restaurant which is located behind Carmel Market. The simplicity of this place is striking. The Italian food that this restaurant serves is simply amazing. The prices are good and the meal is sumptuous.

For every foodie who loves and relishes their food there are plenty of choices in Tel Aviv. The restaurants in Israel do flourishing business and hence there are plenty of restaurants that keep cropping up every now and then.

The NG restaurant has reached legendary status and serves the best food in Tel Aviv. The location of the restaurant is fabulous as it is situated in a historical building in NeveTzedek. When you enter this restaurant you will immediately notice that the place is tiny, warm, and cozy and has a classic design. NG serves the best meat and this is a place that is meant for the meat lover and not for the vegetarian. Though the menu is not elaborate each dish that is churned out leaves the aftertaste on the palate. The porterhouse that is served her is a juicy steak which you will really relish. Bon Appetite.

If you like French cuisine, then you must head to Hotel Montefiore Restaurant which offers the best French cuisine. This restaurant is located within a boutique hotel and it has a set standard that it has maintained. The staff here is very knowledgeable and the atmosphere is fun-filled and lively. The menu might be a bit conservative or adventurist at times, but the food is really tasty. It is a good idea to make reservations to avoid disappointments.

For the best Bistro restaurants in Tel Aviv, Brasserie is the first choice and this place has earned its reputation of being the best. The food is superb and the service is wonderful. Alcohol is served full and plenty, so this is the place to be.

Café Noir is one place that not only serves good food but has also maintained its quality for years. The authentic French menu that it offers is of the highest quality. The design of the restaurant is elegant and has a romantic feel. This place is highly recommended.

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