The Best Of Mexican Restaurants In Beaverton

31414_436181225627_288558295627_5683983_6104424_nMexican restaurants are quite well off in America. Some people swear there are more joints in America than the rest of the world. Others swear that more Mexican cuisine is eaten in America than Mexico itself! And actually, both the accounts are true. With rich spicy flavors and full – taste sauces to empower the food; USA loves its Mexican restaurants. Beaverton may be in the extreme north western part of the country, but the city is no stranger to fine cuisine. Needless to say, Mexico suits anyone’s taste buds in the US. With salsa sauces and Jalapenos, wraps and burritos are quite the hot favorites.

What are the favorite Mexican dishes in all of America? Mexican restaurants all around the world serve these dishes, but America is closest to home. Most of the dishes are spicy, but better eating has its effects. Fast food and richer cuisine have adapted to the new eating trends. Gourmet dishes have now come up in all varieties. From vegan options, to low calorie variations, even foods like hamburgers have their lesser indulgent versions. These are the favorite dishes from Mexico –

Tacos – Nothing beats a good Taco wrap. Either corn or wheat pita breads called ‘tortillas’ are rolled up with a filling. From chicken to seafood, vegetables to beef or pork, the fillings come in a variety of tastes. Most gourmets claim that a taco is best served when the filling is literally over-filling the bread. Everyone agrees that more the filling, the more the billing. But for such great and exotic food, we are ever ready to pay accordingly!

Pollo – In Spanish tongue, it merely means ‘Rice with Chicken’; but it is a favorite among all good Mexican restaurants. Beaverton to New York, authentic Mexican food joints have a variety of Pollos on their menu. With chicken or vegan choices, this delicacy is a great main course to choose with a good soup or salsa salad.

Carnes – This is a Mexican delicacy that is famed all over the world. Spicy and rich, Carne Adobada (or Adovada) is a world famous dish. It is prepared in specially marinated pork, chicken, fish, or beef; and is rarely served vegan. However, this delicacy isn’t any good vegan either! It takes the best cooks around 16 – 24 hours to fully make preparations for a good Carne, but the long wait is worth it with every bite.

These are just three of a long list of other delicacies offered by Mexican restaurants. Beaverton residents often eat out, and a Mexican dinner of such flavors is just the needed menu!

Mexican restaurants Beaverton – If you are a person with a taste for the best foods, seek out good Mexican restaurants. Beaverton residents may visit the Casa Mariachi Family Mexican Restaurants famous in all of Oregon.

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