Top Lake Vacation In USA

Experience near to Sea beach is full of humidity, heat and sometime rush also. So, people like to see some cold pleasant, calm and stable water with fewer crowds. In this case, lake is best destination for many people loving to water.

If you are already in USA or going there and looking for lakes, there are top lakes vacations in USA. Some of them are following.

Lake Havasu:

located on California-Arizona border, lake Havasu is reservoir built by Parker Dame. It is called Mohave for “blue water”. Millions of visitors each year head to Lake Havasu for its exceptional fishing and boating related recreational opportunities. On the shores of Lake Havasu is Lake Havasu City.

Lake Chelan:

Located in north Central Washington State, lake is 50 miles long and third deepest lake in USA. Lake Chelan is best destination for fishing trips, along with water ski and Jet Ski.

Lake Michigan:


Beaches of Lake Michigans is also called American third coast because of its sandy appearance. The southern and eastern sides of lake are sandy else both sides have rocks covered sandy. Two National Parks sit on the shore of Lake Michigan as well as two National Forests, there are also numerous state parks on the shore as well as four lighthouses that accept visitors.

Lake Mead:

Lake Mead starches to 100 miles behind Hoover Dame. By its wideness boating is preferred by many travelers. You can many side channels area of canyon which can be covered by small boat and jet.  You have enjoyment of renting house for extended stay on lake.

Flathead Lake:

The largest freshwater lake in the western United States is Flathead Lake located in Montana. The lake sits at approximately 30 miles long and 16 miles wide. Its location near Glacier National Park and the fact that it is surrounded by two popular scenic highways make it a popular destination of locals and tourists alike.

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