Top Restaurants in Abu Dhabi

For those looking to visit Abu Dhabi, when you are booking the hotels in Abu Dhabi your flights to Abu Dhabi, and the Abu Dhabi car hire you will be renting to travel around during the Abu Dhabi holidays you are planning, considering where to dine, and which are the top places to eat, should also be part of your travel plans. Depending on the type of cuisine you want, whether you want authentic cuisine or something you are more familiar with, the budget you have set, and the atmosphere you seek when dining out, there are various establishments and restaurants which you can consider, in order to ensure you find something you are going to love eating, while you are visiting the region, and while you are on the holiday in the region.

For those looking for something simple, The Drawing Room is a great cafe style restaurant, which is affordably priced, and serves both local cuisine, as well as foods you will be familiar with (for US travelers). It is a lobby cafe, and caters to all visitors, as well as locals, making it a quaint location for travelers to try out. Figarros in Ras Al Akhdar is a great place for those who are looking for pizza, or something a bit Italian in taste. It is also a local favorite to those who live in the area, and offers a wide array of toppings, both local and from other regions, and boasts one of the best pizza pies in Abu Dhabi.

For individuals who are looking for great Japanese cuisine, Yotto which is located in Yas Island is another option to consider. It features some of the best sushi, as well as other classic and traditional Japanese dishes, if you want to find various different foods to eat while you are in the area. Bord Eau in Bain Al Jessrain is the ideal choice for those looking for great French cuisine while they are visiting Abu Dhabi. It is a bit ritzier and more expensive, but is an option for those who want various cuisine options while they are visiting.

The choices one makes, and whether they want a wide variety, or want to try the local cuisine, are a few factors to consider as they are deciding on where to dine. Of course budget and where they are staying, will also play a role as to where they will be eating; but, these are a few choices to consider when planning the trip.

The above write-up supports Abu Dhabi as a future tourist destination in UAE. To visit Abu Dhabi, book Abu Dhabi car hire that offers satisfying travel to the city.

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