Top Tourist Attractions That Popularise Tickets to Canada

Viator_User_Generated_52944-540x405Canada enthrals the visitors with a fine set of charmers! Travellers who plan trip to Canada are treated with an ecstasy of delights and are transported to a dreamy stupor where fun, fantasy and fancy float around! Perhaps the finest lure of booking cheap flights to Canada is the acquaintance with multiplicity. Be it nature, culture or modern lures, Canada sure knows how to make riveting impression on the rovers.

Canada is a huge country and is renowned to be laden with many tourist attractions but only few can be mention here, keeping in mind the cause of brevity!

CN Tower, Toronto

Located in downtown Toronto, the CN Tower impresses visitors by being the tallest free standing structure on the planet. Those who are willing to spend extra can check out the building’s observation deck and can treat themselves with wonderful bird’s eye views of the city. Highly popular among kids, the CN Tower surely deserves a place in the itinerary of families taking flight tickets to Canada. Tower’s top-floor restaurant, 360, is another attraction that tempts people.

Niagara Falls, Ontario

There are few natural sights in the world that create the kind of awe that Niagara Falls does! One of planet’s most popular natural phenomenons, Niagara Falls entices millions of tourists each year and allows them to regale in the sight and sound of the brilliant cascading waters. Niagara Falls comprises three different waterfalls at the southern tip of Ontario, on the border between Canada and the USA. The three waterfalls are: The Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls.

Pacific Rim National Park, B.C

A big lure that acts a major catalyst for enticing people to book cheap tickets to Canada, Pacific Rim National Park is a fine place to witness the nature’s bountiful showering on this blessed region. The park flaunts variety of entrapments for the tourists like hiking trails, long, sandy beaches, rainforest and carefree charm. It is also an apt place to seek the region’s cultural magnetism. This rugged coast is lined with many luxury hotels.

Banff National Park, Alberta

Beguiling families in all corners of the world to look for cheap flight tickets to Canada, Banff National Park is a top attraction in the country and is one of the few national parks in the Canadian Rocky Mountains that offers a fine setting for people to enjoy camping, hiking, biking, skiing or fishing. There is no dearth of cheap or luxury accommodation options as the resort town of Banff and Lake Louise, located within the park, are loaded with them.

Quebec City

Tourists who are smart enough to make early bookings and find cheap tickets to Canada are also bright enough to include Quebec City in their sightseeing schedule! Drenched wet in the colourful shades of history and deep scented with the flavours of European charm, Quebec’s provincial capital, Quebec City, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and promises an experience quite unlike of any other in North America.

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