Top Tourist Destinations in Glasgow

38___SelectedThe city of Glasgow located in Scotland is the biggest city in the country and is also the third largest city in the United Kingdom population wise. Glasgow is also recognized as Scotland’s primary industrial hub and is of great commercial importance. Due to its magnificent architecture and culture it has been rewarded on several occasions. In 2008, it was also named The City of Music by UNESCO. There are various forms of music events that take place quite frequently in this city and hence Glasgow is one of the most visited cities in the United Kingdoms.


The brilliant museums, parks, easily accessible Highlands are a bonus for the tourists.

Also the host city of the Commonwealth Games 2014, the city will certainly see a pool of tourists coming in the near future and hence can rightly be termed as one of the liveliest cities around the globe.


Glasgow Green

It is the oldest park in Glasgow and has hosted numerous events of all types from last 300 years. The major attraction over here is the Winter Garden where you can find almost everything from museum to cafe. There is also a vast play village for children.


Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

The famous museum established in 1870, the museum houses the statue of Elvis which is a must see. The museum is so vast that it might take a person 2 hours to cherish the entire art gallery stuff. The architecture of the building itself is so magnificent.


Gallery of Modern Art

If you are a true art fanatic and never miss a chance to see some heart throbbing art stuff, this place is a must visit for you as it houses today’s most fantastic art displays from all around the globe.


Glasgow Cathedral

This place depicts one of the finest examples of a pre-Reformation Scottish cathedral. The building is well built and the view is class apart at the time of night.


The Hill House

It is one of the finest masterpieces of The Mackintosh Ten and has a mind-boggling view over the River Clyde. One can observe one of the best collections of modern furniture, silverware, metalwork and lighting.


The Hidden Gardens

If you want to relish the beauty of nature in the city of Glasgow, this is the best place to visit. It is a sanctuary garden which houses exceptional greenery and exotic species and the best part is that they are mainly chosen due to their diversified cultures.

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