Top Worst Fast Foods in the United States


Fast food is normally referred to the types of food that can be prepared and served in a very short period of time. The quality of food is usually low and you could hardly obtain nutrition from these types of food. In average, one fifth of the population in United States has their meals in fast food restaurants daily. These restaurants are very well accepted because the prices of the meals offered are low and the time of serving is very short.

Below are the most popular fast food choices which turn out to be the top worst food for human’s health:
• All sorts of Burger (Chicken Burger, Beef Burger, Fish Burger, Cheese Burger, etc)
• Fried Chicken & Fried Fish Fillet
• Pizza with thick cheese toppings
• French Fries
• Fried Onion Rings
• Fried Nuggets
• Donuts and Pastries (with abundant of sugar)

What are the consequences of taking in those types of food stated above too often?

Eating fast food too frequent is an unhealthy practice because the food contains high cholesterol, trans fat and high sodium. The food is usually fattening, oily, salty, sweetening and low in fiber. When someone take in oily fast food, they are often served with cold carbonated soft drinks which make the things worse. The oil can’t be dissolved and left in the stomach. It affects the metabolism of the body and it ends up with causing obesity among adults as well as children. Other possible diseases are high blood pressure, diabetes, liver dysfunction, heart disease and so on.

Many adults and children are addicted to fast food and it is hard for them to quit eating immediately. Knowing the facts of the unhealthy food is important to remind them to reduce the portion from time to time. Eating healthy food according to the food pyramid is the best way to keep you away from sickness.

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