Two Top Tourist Destinations


So you are decided that it is high time that you take a vacation. That is great! After all, you need to treat yourself after all the hard work that you have been doing to build a better future for you and your loved ones. Now you are dilemma lies with where you will go. With all the wonderful, exotic, magnificent and breathtaking tourist spots all over the world, choosing just one spot will really be a predicament.

To help you with choosing the best tourist spot that you and your company (if you have) will enjoy, here are some of the best tourist destinations that you can check out.

Boracay (Panay, Philippines)

– Undoubtedly, one of the best beach resorts in the world. Boracay is located roughly 200 miles from Manila, the capital of the Philippines.

– The white sand in Boracay is just one of the best features of the island. This magnificent island is comprised of several white sand and bluest of blue beaches. However, two of the most recognized beaches in Boracay are the White Beach and the Bulabog Beach.

– White Beach is the primary tourist spot in Boracay. Aside from the magnificent water and sand, this beach is also the it place to find the hottest bars and restaurants and the most comfortable hotels and lodgings.

– Bulabog Beach is more known as the windsurfing and kiteboarding spots in Boracay.

– Boracay is the usual host of the Asian Windsurfing Tour. Ati-Atihan, which is a festivity in Kalibo, Philippines which is near Panay, is also celebrated and observed in Boracay.

– A yearly dragon boat race is being held in Boracay as well as an annual Frisbee tournament.

Blarney Castle (Blarney, Ireland)

– This castle is a medieval fortress thats been originally built even before 1200 AD. Although it was destroyed in 1446 but it was eventually rebuilt by the King of Munster.

– The stronghold is bounded by magnificent and extraordinary gardens. The most astonishing parts of the castle are directed by signs and points so the travelers won’t get lost in the huge fortress.

– Some of the marvelous spots in the castle are the wishing steps, the sacrificial altar, the fairy glade, the Dungeon, the Unexpected, the Witch Stone, the Battlement views, the Witchs kitchen, the North Wall, the Lake, the Badgers Cave and the Rock Close.

– The Blarney Stone is said to be the stone of eloquence. To become more articulate and expressive, it is said that you only need to kiss the Blarney Stone. The power of the stone has never been questioned by anyone so that makes it pretty potent, intense and effective.

These are just two of the most recognized and most astonishing tourist spots that you and your company can go to. When planning a vacation, what is important is to go to the place that fascinates you, that inspires you and that can give you enjoyment, peace and knowledge. It does not matter if your trips are not included in the top lists travel destinations. What is important is that you travel to that will give you great memories.

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