United States of America Tourist Destinations for Fantastic Holiday Tour

article-2348043-1A7F4A19000005DC-807_634x392The United States is one of the most diverse and largest countries in the world. It is home to natural wonders and as well as the cities like Chicago and New York with their magnificent skyscrapers. United States of America Tourist Destinations comes with a whole list of so many beautiful cities, monuments, natural reserves, beaches and other attractions. United States have so much to offer that one can never have enough of it.

New York City, also known as the Big Apple is the biggest metropolitan center. This city never sleeps and its nights are filled with varied entertainment such as bars, nightclubs, sports centers and theaters. The art galleries, museums and concert halls present the cultural aspect as well. Some of the famous tourist attractions in New York include; Central Park, Broadway Theaters, Statue of Liberty, United Nations, Empire State Building, Times Square and many more. New York is one of the major United States of America tourist destinations.

New Orleans, also known as the home of jazz music is located at mouth the Mississippi River. It is a mixture of French, Afro-American, Caribbean and Spanish cultures. Every February people celebrate the famous Mardi Gras festival which is quite a spectacle.

Los Angeles in California is the second largest city of United States. It is known for Hollywood and Beverly Hills which is home to many movie stars. Other attractions include Mojave Desert, Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Big Sur coastline. San Francisco is the other major city of California which is famous for its historic cable cars and Golden Gate Bridge. Los Angeles is one of the favorite United States of America tourist destinations.

Las Vegas is a city which is known worldwide for its casinos, entertainment and shopping. Here you will find world-class entertainment and different forms of gambling. It is also home to replicas of Eiffel Tower, New York skyline, giant pyramids of glass and multi-colored fantasy castles. Las Vegas is one of the popular United States of America tourist destinations which attract many domestic and foreign tourists every year.

Grand Canyon in Arizona is 150 kilometers long, 1500 meters deep and more than 20 kilometers wide. Inside the canyon you will find cliffs, multicolored mesas and headlands which contain smaller canyons.

Washington D.C. is the capital of America and is home to many museums, monuments, government buildings, the White House, public parks and U.S. Capitol. Orlando in Florida is the best place for the family to visit. It is home to Disney World which is the most famous and largest amusement complex, Sea World, Universal Studios and many more.

America has wide range of regional cuisine as well as has influences of immigrant groups. Some of the popular cuisines of America are; apple cake, baked country ham, blueberry pie, corn dogs, cranberry pudding and many more.

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